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8",10",12" Hybrid Carbon Steel Skillets Set - Hand Forged

8",10",12" Hybrid Carbon Steel Skillets Set - Hand Forged

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 Improve your versatility in the kitchen with a complete set of Copper State Forge hand forged skillets.

The hybrid pan was forged as a fun experiment but has quickly become a customer favorite due to its usefulness in the kitchen. It is a unique design that combines our polygon skillet’s ideal pour spouts with the sautéing ability of a classic round pan. Even professional chefs find themselves drawn to this useful and beautiful design. This skillet is perfect for the chef who enjoys sautéing and cooking foods that require pouring.

Our 8” Hand forged hybrid skillet is the perfect size for frying up a couple of eggs, preparing a perfectly shaped omelet, or a single serving of bacon or sausage. If you are cooking for one, it also works great for searing small proteins and sautéing veggies for a side dish. This pan heats quickly and is simple to clean and maintain.

Our 10” Hand forged hybrid skillet is the ideal size for everyday cooking for 3-4 people. Whether you’re searing proteins, sautéing vegetables, or cooking a family breakfast, this versatile skillet will quickly become your primary go-to pan in the kitchen.

Our 12” Hand forged hybrid skillet boasts the largest cooking surface in the collection. This pans generous size is ideal for searing large roasts, multiple chicken breasts or steaks, or browning over 4lbs of ground meat. Superb for baking a gratin, shallow meat roasting, or pan pizza.



Body: 12 Gauge Carbon Steel
Handle: 3/16" carbon steel


With all our products being hand forged please expect some variability.

8" Hybrid Skillet:
Handle Length: 7 1/2"
Inner Diameter: 6"
Outer Diameter: 8"
Height: 1 1/4"
Volume: 25oz
Weight: 2lbs 4oz
Total Length: 15 1/2"

10" Hybrid Skillet:
Handle Length:9"
Inner Diameter:8"
Outer Diameter:10"
Height:1 1/2"
Weight:3lbs 10oz
Total Length:19 1/4"

12" Hybrid Skillet:
Handle Length: 9"
Inner Diameter: 10"
Outer Diameter: 12"
Height: 1 1/2"
Volume: 72oz
Weight: 4lbs 13oz
Total Length: 21"

Care Information

Check out our blog posts for more information on how to care for your skillets.



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Lifetime Guarantee

Your investment is guaranteed for life!

All Copper State Forge cookware is guaranteed for life. If you need a repair or guidance on any issue regarding your skillet or cookware please email us directly to discuss. This guarantee does not cover abuse, rust as a result of neglect, improper maintenance, or warping from use on incorrectly sized burners. 



We have a 15-day return policy, which means you have 15 days after receiving your item to request a return.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, and in its original packaging. 

To start a return, please email us at with "Return" as the subject of the email.

If your return is accepted, we’ll send you instructions on how and where to send your package. Items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be accepted.

You can always contact us for any return question at


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I am very happy with the carbon skillets you make at Copper State Forge. This is my fourth purchase. Recently I bought the 10” skillet for a gift. I also bought the 8” for myself. I love using the skillet on my wood stove because it is so flat, cooks well and is a thing of beauty!

Wonderful pans!

This was a gift for my son who loves to cook. He is thrilled with the quality of the pan and the way it cooks. An excellent product, I highly recommend it.

Kermit Dove
10" Round Skillet

This item is a great looking skillet, before using it my concern was it seemed to be a rather light gauge material at about .105 in thickness. Most of my custom carbon steel is closer to .125. However it cooked evenly no detectable hot spots. I can't wait to get this pan on the grill!

Jonna Childers-Hansen
8" & 10" Skillets

I loved the 10" skillet so much, I came back to purchase the 8" skillet for Father's Day! My love affair started a couple of years ago at a Farmer's Market, with a coffee scoop! Thank you for your beautiful, functional art!

Patricia Crawford

12.5" Country Fry Skillet- Deep

Common Questions


How do I start using my Copper State Forge skillet?

Your Copper State Forge skillet comes preseason and ready for cooking. Start with a simple hand-washing with hot water and a non-metallic scrubber. Use oil or fat when cooking in your new skillet to prevent sticking and continue the seasoning process.


How often do I have to re-season my skillet?

Re Seasoning is not something you have to do on any sort of regular basis. By simply cooking in the skillet and following the simple cleaning and maintenance steps, you are keeping the skillet seasoned and building up additional seasoning.


The color of my skillet has developed light and dark spots, does that mean it isn't non-stick?

Don't worry, your skillet is still non-stick, even as it goes through it's slow metamorphosis to that slick jet-black pinnacle of pandom that we are all striving for.


What if something sticks to my skillet? What is the best way to clean it off?

Even though carbon steel is the best all-natural non-stick alternative, we will be the first to acknowledge that occasionally stick happens.  The main thing is to start light and only get as aggressive as necessary to get the sticky part off.  A great place to start is by putting water in the bottom of your skillet, heat it up and gently scrape the stick with a wood or plastic spatula.  We also find that the ScrubDaddy type scrubber sponges work well.  If that doesn't get the job done you can try putting a little oil and kosher salt in the skillet to scrub the offending spot smooth.  When you are finished removing the stuck-on food, don't forget to rinse out the skillet, warm it up to dry it and re-oil it.


How long will my skillet last?

Your skillet was designed and hand crafted to last more than a lifetime. Just follow    our simple care instructions to enjoy decades of daily use. 


What is the “seasoning” made of?

         We use 100% grape seed oil to season our skillets and cookware. When heated above it’s smoking point, the grape seed oil polymerizes into your skillet, making a non-toxic and natural cooking surface with non-stick capabilities.


Can I use my skillet for outdoor cooking?

         Yes. Your skillet is designed to take the heat! Feel free to use your skillet on the grill, in the smoker, over open flame, or in the pizza oven. 


Can I use my skillet on an electric glass stove top and/or induction?

         Yes! You can use your skillet on electric, induction, or gas stove tops. When utilizing an electric or induction cook surface, we suggest you use a skillet that is sized appropriately to your burner to prevent warping. 


Can my skillet go into the oven?

         Yes. Your carbon steel skillet is designed to be used for baking, roasting, and taking the high heat of your kitchen oven or pizza oven. 


What kind of oil should I use to season my skillet?

         We use 100% grape seed oil to pre-season our skillets. Any vegetable oil with a high smoking point will work just fine (i.e., grape seed, avocado oil, flaxseed oil). While cooking you can use any type of oil, butter, or fat you desire. 


Someone put my skillet in the dishwasher/ was left with water in it. Is it ruined?

         No, it is not ruined. Your seasoning may be gone or damaged, but your skillet will recover. Wash it thoroughly with hot soapy water and follow our seasoning instructions to make your skillet non-stick again. 

 It looks like my new skillet arrived scratched or has small imperfections in it. What do I do?

         Due to the nature of hand forging, your skillet may have scratches, small dimples and dents on the cooking surface and sides; we refer to these as birthmarks, and they are what makes your skillet one-of-a-kind. We perform a thorough quality inspection during the seasoning process and prior to shipping to make sure that your skillet does not have any blemishes that would affect the cooking performance of your skillet. 

 Can carbon steel warp?

         Yes, it is possible. If you use an electric ceramic or electric induction stove top it is important to match the size of your skillet to your burner. If you superheat only a small portion of your skillet by using an undersized burner, it can warp. There are remedies if this happens to you. 

 Can I cook tomato sauce in my carbon steel skillet?

         We advise against cooking tomato sauces and other acidic foods in your carbon steel skillet for prolonged periods. Although not harmful to you or your food, the acidity may remove the seasoning from your skillet, and it will need to be reasoned. 

 My skillet rocks a little, and when I add oil it goes to the edges, is this normal?

 Yes. As your skillet heats the metal expands the most directly at the heat source. We anticipate this expansion by adding a slight convex to our skillets (slightly higher in the center). When cooking on low heat, this will cause oil to run to the edges, but when cooking on high heat the skillet will mostly flatten out and stay firmly in place. If there is no convex, your skillet will begin to form a bowl shape on bottom when heated, which can cause the skillet to easily spin on flat cooking surfaces. Some skillets have a more concentric convex (only in the center) and others, especially larger skillets, will sometimes also have a longitudinal convex (through the middle from one side to the other). In either case, some wobble may be present when used on a completely flat cooking surface, but will reduce as heat is added. 

Beautifully hand built in Arizona to last a lifetime

All Copper State Forge skillets are handmade in our small workshop in Goodyear, Arizona.

We combine the forging techniques of 17th and 18th-century blacksmiths with the precision of CNC plasma cutting technology. Each part is cut out and hand-forged individually. Our use of premium cold-rolled 1018 carbon steel guarantees optimum performance.

These bumps and bruises add to the individual beauty of the cookware and do not affect use. All Copper State Forge products are natural, safe for your family, and a true joy to use daily in your kitchen.

Check out our YouTube for an in-depth look into our forging process.